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“I loved the social aspect, mixing with like minded people, and building a great rapport with everyone.”

If you have a long-term lung problem, speak to your GP and find out more about the
pulmonary rehabilitation programme – a short course to help you get the most out of life.

The course is designed to help patients with lung-related conditions who have symptoms such as breathlessness and are experiencing difficulties with every day activities. It improves their physical and mental health, so they can continue to enjoy the moments that matter.

It is a six-week exercise and education programme consisting of two classes per week. It can reduce problems caused by breathlessness and improve fitness and energy levels.

This service has been designed to show you how to exercise safely regardless of your health condition, while being supported by a physiotherapist and other health professionals to ensure you are getting the best out of this programme.

It was a little nerve-wracking to attend the first class since I didn’t know anyone except the nurse, but the nerves soon settled because the other members of the group also suffer from lung and breathing issues, and everyone is there to improve their mental and physical health with the support of the nursing team.

Participants who have completed the pulmonary rehabilitation course often find they are able to be more independent with their activities of da­ily living, can control their breathlessness and anxiety with greater ease and are able to manage their condition with more confidence.

If you are suffering from a long-term lung condition or experience shortness of breath on a regular basis, please contact your GP to review what supported services are available within your area.