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"My daughter was nominated for an Oscar. Thanks to the programme, I walked the red carpet with her."

June’s story

Once a regular gym bunny, June’s breathing problems began to affect her everyday life and cause regular anxiety.

“During the pulmonary rehabilitation programme, I have learned more about my condition and how I can manage it better and continue to live a normal life. I now have the confidence boost I desperately needed, and I can see that this positively impacts my work and personal life.”

Arthur’s story

After years of ballroom dancing, Arthur was devastated when his health condition meant he had to give this up.

“My GP referred me to the pulmonary rehabilitation programme, which has been amazing for both my physical and mental health. In the weeks following the completion of the program, I started taking regular yoga classes, which I am really enjoying.”

Jean’s story

From finding herself struggling to breathe on strolls with her husband, to walking the red carpet in Hollywood with ease!

“Not only did the pulmonary rehabilitation programme drastically improve my physical health, but it’s also given me a new lease of life. I am now more positive and a lot more active. As part of my plan to continue managing and improving my respiratory condition, I am looking for a course to join this autumn.”